Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Yep, it still snows in April....but we don't live in Boone...so these are from March

Bo-Diddly decided to walk around the house like a cowboy for a few hours...trying out his new snow boots. His swagger was oooohhh so cute and Tyrone laughed hysterically.
This captured Bo-Diddly's general attitude about the snow. He HATED it. Ok, he might have smiled once when brother slid him down the hill but the second they got to the bottom of the hill....the screaming started over. He was perfectly content to watch brother, Mimi & Le-Le out the window.
Tyrone FINALLY got to use his snowman kit that Mimi & Pop bought us for Christmas a few years back. Bo-Diddly tried to tear it down but we blocked him. Please notice the (very) retro "Kitty Club" tobaggan that Mimi is sporting. Yep, I do believe that was mine (and prolly a hand-me-down even then....)
And finally...the famous snowcream family photo. Give me your opinions on the reactions that you see...shock, amusement, cluelessness...? BLew took the pic and was in on our surprise---instead of "Say cheese....say E---'s pregnant!" Notice Tyrone is busy studying facial reactions while I giggle. What a great way to announce we have another Lewie baby on the way--loved it!
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Jules said...

Quite the cute cowboy, if I do say so myself! I'll have to compliment your mom on her hat. And I LOVE the facial expressions in that last picture! What a great way to tell the news. Congrats again, by the way. I hope you have a girl, but we'll be happy if it's a boy too.

Apprincessleah said...

...and Bo is thinking "How do I destroy this cup?"