Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm a Slacker

OK, I'm doing the thing everyone else does on their blog. I'm posting the "I'm a slacker" post with a few old pictures--in hopes that I'll be forgiven b/c the pics are so darn cute. I promise to do better and catch up up through March...soon! Besides, I just finished my National Boards for teaching portfolio this month so I DID have a good excuse:)

This is Bo-Diddly teaching his Daddy how to tie his shoes..."See Da-Da, you just knot them real good and even Mommy can't get them undone."

I was just typing away at the computer (probably blogging since I am so diligent in updating) and Bo-Diddly was hovering as thing I knew he was tuckered out on the floor beside me. I thought it was so cute, I had to take some pics. Enjoy:)
I'll be back to fill you in on the rest of the last 2 months soon....or maybe later. Tyrone did start baseball season this week....haha.
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Jules said...

yeah, you do have a good excuse/reason for not blogging. :o) Looking forward to your March update, though I'll be seeing you before then. :o0