Thursday, December 18, 2008

Trek into Minivanland

BLew & I have taken the next BIG (although logical and very emotional) step in in our family life (you know, the ring-wedding-house-baby....) We have---eeeeek!--- ventured into Minivanland. A minivan is every young parent's dream come true and worst nightmare...a bittersweet final step that announces to the world---I AM NO LONGER YOUNG. I AM NO LONGER FREE. I AM NO LONGER....COOL. haha. While in our own minds, we remain very hip, cool and fresh out of college, we have answered the minivan call and decided to take the plunge. I am the official owner of a 2008 Mom-mobile as of yesterday afternoon. My high school students have informed me that they see me with the same level of coolness that they saw me before: OLD. haha. I have struggled with the fact that I do not want to be zooming around town in the MINIVAN and appear so....oldish. But I have finally succombed to the fact that I am indeed--oldish, momish, and quite with family (in which there are 3 above-averaged framed males). I will say that I did cringe this morning when a fellow teacher yelled across the parking lot (where the young, hip teachers and high school students are also walking)---"Erin, did you get your new minivan yesterday?" I continue to walk and pretend that I don't hear anyone...."Erin, where's your minivan?? I wanna see your minivan!" I ducked and ran...hmmm, perhaps this blog post was just an attempt to convince myself that I am indeed ready for a minivan:) We'll see...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Bo-Diddly Turns One

My Bo-Diddly turned one today:) We had his party on the 6th and believe it or not...this is the best cake shot that I got! (Leah is supposed to be sending me pictures from her camera since she was the photographer of the hour.) I cannot believe that my little guy is 1 already. He is growing so fast--seems like there is something every day he has learned since I noticed last! He's doing a bit of sign language (milk, down, eat) and can say 2 words: da-da & bah (ball). His Mimi & Pop got him a red wagon for birthday/Christmas and he loooooves it. But I think his favorite toys for now are still his plastic bowls & spoons and any round ball. He got lots of goodies at his party--thanks everybody! P.S. Those are the Sandy & Erin "mini-me" babies in the red wagon---Grantster & Bo-Diddly!
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