Thursday, January 22, 2009

In Honor of the Minivan...

Apparently I'm not the only one that took a hit to the ego with the purchase of a minivan...
Check out this funny video..."It's Hard to Be Cool (In a Minivan)"...haha

Monday, January 19, 2009

Lil Helper

What an adorable little helper Bo-Diddly is:) He loves the Dustbuster--although he should because he is the #1 reason why it is constantly in my hand. Or maybe he's like his mommy and just loves the Dustbuster in general. Definitely my favorite gadget. He did manage to get some dustbunnies for me from under the bookshelf. I'm training him early! Hmmmm or so I thought... Last night I was putting away laundry and didn't realize Tyrone left the bathroom door open---but Bo-Diddly did! He decided to start his teenage pranks early and TP'd the inside of the house...he tried to escape...but alas, mommy followed the trail! (some of the pics are pretty blurry b/c I was laughing so hard, but you get the idea....

He even stopped to show off in front of brother in the recliner...And finally runs to hide behind the side table:)

Boys! Gotta love 'em:)

Friday, January 2, 2009

My next couple of Mommy badges...

Badge #4: look at this nice family picture and imagine a typical Sunday morning (Christmas Sunday even). And look at that mommy--what a nice sure grip she has on her baby boy. She must be a most excellent and capable Mommy. One who always packs the diaper bag just right, never forgets baby's milk and ensures that he is always within eyesight. Well it was this very Christmas Sunday that baby Bo-Diddly decided he didnt want to take his morning nap, so being the best mommy ever--his mommy decided to slip out of church and take him on a short drive to put him to sleep. What a great idea!! Asleep in an instant. As Mommy was unstrapping him from his carseat, she thought it would be a good idea to put the car key in the diaper bag (to make SURE the keys were not locked inside--good idea Mommy.). Bo-Diddly stirs and begins waking up, so QUICK!--Mommy shuts the door to run around and hop inside to calm him back to sleep....only....the keys were inside...and the doors were...definitely NOT unlocked. So to make this ever-growing long story short, I earned my 4th or so Mommy badge by having to run inside to get BLew(daddy) and Meems(grandma). We had to call 911 with the meek request that they not turn on the sirens (just FYI--they can't do that because of some stupid protocol---geez people leave me a little pride here). The big fire truck swept in (after what felt like at least an hour) and popped the lock in 30 seconds flat. Long story short--I have learned my lesson about the keys (I know, I know--you are thinking things like this never happen to you---but do you know where your keys are this very instant...better yet, do you know where your KIDS are???). Oh yes, and I also learned that it takes 5 firemen to free up a 1 yr old and calm the hysterical craziness of a VERY capable young mommy:) Sorry you.
Badge #5: Ok you can probably already see the boo-boo on Bo-Diddly's head so we'll just jump right into this badge story. Only 2 short days after earning badge #4, I thought it would be a good idea to allow Bo-Diddly and Tyrone to jump on the bed....haha JUST KIDDING. Seriously, the day before Christmas Eve, Bo-Diddly decided to ruin the upcoming Christmas festivity photos by gashing his head open enough to require a stitch or 2. He was running from his brother and hit his head on my footboard (YES, he was on the floor, not the bed). Fortunately for everyone's sanity after the eventful Sunday, it did not bleed a lot because a slight "pump-knot" came up, but it was still a nasty gash. I have always been a pretty calm person when crisis occurs, but some kind of hormone or something has messed with that part of my brain since becoming a mommy. The drama-filled portion of this story is that BLew was gone with the *new/hot/hip/ultracool MINIVAN*that has Bo-Diddly's carseat in it (or at least I thought I had no carseat at the time...I did not think past my nose to realize the truck with a carseat was parked in the cul-de-sac...but let's get back to the story). BLew rushed home like batman in the batmobile,er--minivan, and zipped us to the doctor's office where we were infamously referred to as "the laceration." Bo-Diddly was very scared and screamed the entire time the doc stitched him up, but as soon as we could pick him up...he was all "oooooo's & Dada's."

So the excitement of earning my latest badges overshadowed the grand festivities of Christmas, but I am thankful to God that he kept us safe and well despite the little roadblocks that reminded me that I am not an invincible Mommy and He is in control.
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