Thursday, December 18, 2008

Trek into Minivanland

BLew & I have taken the next BIG (although logical and very emotional) step in in our family life (you know, the ring-wedding-house-baby....) We have---eeeeek!--- ventured into Minivanland. A minivan is every young parent's dream come true and worst nightmare...a bittersweet final step that announces to the world---I AM NO LONGER YOUNG. I AM NO LONGER FREE. I AM NO LONGER....COOL. haha. While in our own minds, we remain very hip, cool and fresh out of college, we have answered the minivan call and decided to take the plunge. I am the official owner of a 2008 Mom-mobile as of yesterday afternoon. My high school students have informed me that they see me with the same level of coolness that they saw me before: OLD. haha. I have struggled with the fact that I do not want to be zooming around town in the MINIVAN and appear so....oldish. But I have finally succombed to the fact that I am indeed--oldish, momish, and quite with family (in which there are 3 above-averaged framed males). I will say that I did cringe this morning when a fellow teacher yelled across the parking lot (where the young, hip teachers and high school students are also walking)---"Erin, did you get your new minivan yesterday?" I continue to walk and pretend that I don't hear anyone...."Erin, where's your minivan?? I wanna see your minivan!" I ducked and ran...hmmm, perhaps this blog post was just an attempt to convince myself that I am indeed ready for a minivan:) We'll see...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Bo-Diddly Turns One

My Bo-Diddly turned one today:) We had his party on the 6th and believe it or not...this is the best cake shot that I got! (Leah is supposed to be sending me pictures from her camera since she was the photographer of the hour.) I cannot believe that my little guy is 1 already. He is growing so fast--seems like there is something every day he has learned since I noticed last! He's doing a bit of sign language (milk, down, eat) and can say 2 words: da-da & bah (ball). His Mimi & Pop got him a red wagon for birthday/Christmas and he loooooves it. But I think his favorite toys for now are still his plastic bowls & spoons and any round ball. He got lots of goodies at his party--thanks everybody! P.S. Those are the Sandy & Erin "mini-me" babies in the red wagon---Grantster & Bo-Diddly!
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Saturday, November 29, 2008


Tyrone went hunting with his daddy (for the 2nd time ever) yesterday his first deer! Technically it's a 4.5 point buck, but he's "calling it a 5, because you're supposed to round up and plus if you can hang a ring on it, it counts. I got a ring I can hang on it." haha. Bo-Diddly reallllllly wanted to get his hands on that deer. Ewwww.
Funny---Tyrone called me on the way home and told me to "get the crockpot out and ready 'cause we're having deer roast for supper!" haha
Happy Thanksgiving everybody:)

Saturday, November 22, 2008


BLew passed his National Boards!!!:) We found out yesterday and celebrated last night at the Cracker Barrel (his pick of course). Yippeeeee, we are super excited!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

A Day in the Life of...

BoDiddly playing peek a boo around the corner.
Tyrone's version of entertaining BoDiddly. Thought it was cute:)
Bathtime! Looks like my little froggy is having fun in the tub!
Camo boys! Ready for bed.
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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lions & Tigers & Bears...Oh My!!

BLew & I had to share these shots of a bear that came within arms reach of my open car window at Cade's Cove. We were there for our anniversary getaway. I got a tish excited when the bear came right beside the car, walked in front of our vehicle and stopped to stand up and look for her baby (SOOOOO cute by the way). Needless to stay, I stood frozen in the car and barely got these pics I was so frazzled!
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BLew Will Probably Kill Me for This.....

...But I just could NOT resist. This picture absolutely cracks me up!! The funniest part about it is that Tyrone grabbed the wig and put it on, then hopped on the bike (yes it is a Schwinn)...and said "Is it [the hair] blowing in the wind? Is it?" It also cracks me up because if you know my dad, he loves to put on wacky costumes (usually a wig) and pretend to be a stranger and joke around with people...guess Tyrone is following in his footsteps.

If you haven't figured it out, I am doing multiple posts to the blog because I never have time to update. I figured I would catch up on everything in one sitting.


We went to our fall hayride and bonfire at church last weekend and the boys had a blast. Tyrone was too busy for pictures (after all he had to ride the hayride 5 times and get in as much play time in as possible). BoDiddly had the time of his life with his Pop in the big blue truck. He sported his overalls to match Pop. Then--at twilight--he transformed into the cutest little Flounder (yep, from Little Mermaid) that I've ever seen. He was so good--he didn't even try to yank off his hood(head), even when it fell into his eyes. And Mommy was loving it because he got her lots of candy to munch on.
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Daddy's Home

The little booger has figured out that the sound of the garage door means that daddy is home. He takes off at lightning speed toward the laundry room (where the entrance to the garage is). Da da da da da.
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Lil Walker

So I'm a little behind on my posts...get used to it:) My little man BoDiddly took his first few steps a few weeks ago....a week before he turned 10 months old. He still isn't very confident and reaches for balance, so I wouldnt call him independent----yet.
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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Labor Day Kick Back

I realize I'm a few weeks behind schedule on this...but we took off to Blowing Rock over Labor Day weekend with the boys and had a super fun day at the park and strolling the streets. It could possibly be the first time I have ever visited without hitting up Kilwin's for some ice cream! But I was satisfied with a few minutes of rest on a blanket:) Tyrone was satisfied with a trip to the candy barrel at Mast General...rock candy anyone? Tyrone spotted this awesome climbing tree & we had to take a picture. I mean, seriously, how fun does this look??
My little man in his track suit on the parkway on a chilly morning.
Tyrone climbed the "rock wall" several times...he's very proud of that fact because he couldn't make it over without help the last time he was there.
BoDiddly loved the swings... but loved watching big brother Tyrone more. He watched him and giggled like no tomorrow the entire time he was swinging. So cute I could pinch his fat legs!
BoDiddly loved sitting to watch all the people. And true to himself, he made fast friends with every "old" person that passed us by! Fun family times guys!! Loved it.

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

On the Move

Our little champ has moved up in the world. And by moving I mean everywhere. He has discovered that rolling is just not quick enough. After one week back to daycare---drumroll, please--he is crawling and pulling up on everything he can see. And needless to say, he has his mommy's temper when he is not allowed to go where he pleases! Ahhh the payback for mommy:) As I type, he has crawled into the laundry room and emptied the whites out of the laundry basket and strung every last one of them (dirty, nonetheless) as far as he can reach....and he looks at me and giggles. Very pleased with himself. Big Brother thinks it is all fun and games now, but little brother has yet to discover the goodies in his room! haha
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Monday, September 1, 2008

Chilling Out One Last Time...

So imagine a hot summer day with an 8 yr old begging you to go swimming...and an 8mo old that is a lot of trouble to pack up to head for the big pool. Bam! The baby pool suddenly becomes a cool cabana for three. Tyrone, BoDiddly & I all squeezed into the pool under the shade of the umbrella. We killed a few hours with some water play and Tyrone practiced his world famous "balancing a cup of water on your head while you walk" trick for his brother. Don't tell me a big pool is more fun. I have Tyrone convinced they are a waste of water....teehee.
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