Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dollywood or Bust (no that is not a reference to my frequent trips to the bathroom)

So the bulk of my Spring Break was spent preparing for and going on our Dollywood trip (sans BLew and plus Mimi, Pop & LeLe). THANK GOODNESS we took them because I just couldn't keep up with Bo-Diddly on this trip. He wore me out just watching him. We stayed in an sweeeeeet suite (yep, just like Zack & Cody for those of you with upper elem kids) for a great deal (sight unseen) thru Expedia. Dollywood was having their "Festival of Nations" while we were there. I highly recommend it...waaaay better than the BBQ&Bluegrass Festival we hit up last fall. The music/shows that we saw were amazing and I cannot believe that it doesn't last longer or we'd go back before it ends (Apr 27). They had Le Grande Cirque "Imagine" show that we saw twice, Jennifer Roland band (Scots-Irish fiddler), and a group from Zambia that LeLe saw twice--all 10's on a scale of 1-10. Bo-Diddly even starred in part of the Jennifer Roland show---and they didn't even ask for volunteers. haha. He just imagined that he was the only audience member and took a few cues from her dancing. Tyrone was picked to be a volunteer in the rain maker show...and surprised some people with a nice cold shower on a chilly morning. He was also the cause of Big Pop getting verrrry sickish after agreeing to ride the Mystery Mine. Big Pop was lying horizontal on a bench for a few hours...
Bo-Diddly loved the train, ducks and 50's cars...most of which Mimi rode with him b/c Mommy simply did not fit:) The 50's cars were voted most popular ride b/c we all took a ride, most of us multiple trips:)
Bo-Diddly's favorite toy during the trip was the electronic safe inside the closet at the hotel. Needless to say, he ran straight there everytime we got back into the room.
LeLe & Tyrone on the Lumberjack Lifts.

Cute family picture by the River Battle, which we didn't ride. It was a little too chilly for us, but we did squirt some people who didn't know any better!
Tyrone talked Mimi into riding the rampage on Thursday---talk about soaked. This was around 7pm, closing time. Did I mention we were all starving so they had to sit thru dinner soaking wet?? Tyrone says next time they're taking their ponchos.

Our last stop was the A&W on the way home...check out those ice cream cones!!! Good times...

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Anonymous said...

Dollywood ROX!

Jules said...

How fun! I haven't been there for a least a year (or more). Looks like you all had a GREAT time! Love the little hatched-eggs pic. :o)