Friday, December 4, 2009

The not-so-little lil sister...

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Our sweet little Sissy was 5 weeks old yesterday. Unfortunately, her sleep habits arent really improving...they seem to be getting worse. Or maybe that's just me. I'm certainly no stranger to sleep-deprivation b/c Bo-Diddly certainly broke me in with a much stronger and longer streak of it than Ali-bug has so far, but I'm no fan. If you know me well, you know that I thrive on sleep (and naps of any kind are my favorite). I'm finding it difficult to "nap when baby naps." Hopefully most of her sleep issues will be settled before I return to work on Jan. 4:)

Wild man Bo-Diddly is keeping us on our toes. He comes home regularly with *injuries* from daycare--and it makes you think--what kind of daycare are you sending that child to?? Let's just say I don't ask what the other kid looked like b/c I'm scared Bo-Diddly did more damage than he received!! haha. He turns 2 on the 15th & will be celebrating with a party this weekend to avoid the Christmas rush. He's having (of course) a Thomas party--only to fuel his recent obsession with Thomas. But hey, at least it's not the big purple dinosaur, which I'm hoping is a phase that has passed:) And it makes his Pop happy b/c it's trains. Guess that makes everyone happy. He is also into playing hide & seek. He even plays this game alone. According to his Mimi, he hid behind the curtain at church and said "Where's me? Where's me?" and then yelled "Here I am!" THAT, my friends, is true independent play. Am I a good mom or what?!?

Tyrone is well into science fair project season--yay us. After deciding on 12 different projects that werent really viable, he's finally going with a project on reaction time. He is testing reaction time by dropping a ruler between someone's fingers and comparing whether they are faster with their writing hand or the other hand. I thought it was kinda cool (and easy--love the easy project). He's also recently taken up yo-yoing (is that a word?) and says they have a yo-yo club at school. We'll see in a few years if he thinks that's really as cool as he does now:) teehee. He's also the (sort of) star of the Christmas play at church b/c he has to play multiple roles. The joys of a church so small that the lead angel also has to play Joseph!!haha. He cannot wait to use Sissy as baby Jesus in the play. We'll just hope she cooperates.

I recently got my Natl Board certification--thank goodness! Every penny of that will pay for daycare, insurance and diapers for baby Ali. Seriously, it's almost to the penny what she will cost us per month:) "God will provide." The 2nd baby is definitely cheaper than the first, but it sure cuts out the fun money for mom & dad:)

BLew is wrapping up his 3rd semester of masters classes (3 down, 4 to go). He's busy at church, overseeing the house project at school, helping coach when he can as well as balance 2 boys and a lil princess at home...not to mention work on my GROWING "to do" list. He can thank his mother-in-law for helping him balance all of the above:) Don't know what I'd do without my hubby or my mom--wait, yes I do--I'd go crazy!!