Friday, July 24, 2009

1st: Motorcycle Ride, ASU visit, Haircut

Cannot BELIEVE the overprotective dad BLew let Tyrone ride on Pop's (CHIPS) motorcycle alllll the way to Price Park (& back!), but he did! Guess there is just a difference in how you're brought up--motorcycles are nothing special to me, but Tyrone/BLew are a little standoffish, while it's the opposite for guns. Scare me, nothing special to them. Anyway...Tyrone was grinning from ear to ear the entire day (not sure if that was due to the wind on the motorcycle or if he was just happy...teehee).

So Aunt LeLe was working Cannon Music Camp at Appalachian & I had been wanting to tour campus b/c there had been so many changes since I'd been there---WOW. Let's just say I had a difficult time finding my way around. More than one building that I frequented during my college days was...mmmm...gone! We ate at the lovely new cafeteria (which I discovered is actually really good when you don't have to eat it on a daily basis) compliments of LeLe. We toured the new library, solarium, bookstore & stadium with a few stops along the way--even got to walk across the new skywalk to the parking deck. Sorry we missed you Rob! *Sigh* it seems that this visit to campus has pushed my "fresh outta college" status back a few light years...I suppose the minivan mom must accept this fate:)

And now for the next milestone--Bo-Diddly's first haircut!!! Meems & I shared the duty b/c he was extra squirmy!!The ice cream was actually the 2nd distraction--bubbles lasted only a few seconds. We had no popsicles (his latest obsession)--so ice cream was next best.

I knew the day was coming soon--but he's been a baldy for so long, it kept him looking like my "baby." Alas--I saw a curl poking over his ear last week and Meems confirmed it a few days later--a haircut was needed if he were to remain in the Lewis family!! We only trimmed around the ears and neck, but he looks so grown up:(

Can't believe summer is flying by so quickly--3 months until our baby girl arrives & we have yet to find the perfect name. Some top runners,but nothing definite. BLew is recovering well from his back surgery and I am dreading the upcoming dreaded 3rd trimester of pregnancy---bleck!!
Meems & Pop have been working diligently to help us finish the upstairs bedroom & bathroom before the baby arrives-Tyrone will soon have his own domain. What would we do without Meems & Pop?!?! I have no idea...:)

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Jules said...

Meems & Pops are handy to have around in every household...whether they go by Meems, Pop, Mamaw, Papaw, etc.! I recommend each family have at least one set if not two. :o)

Sounds like Tyrone had a great ride! Makes me think back to the day when my Dad had a motorcycle.

Sound like they've really remodled the college up there. Change is usually a good thing...but sometimes it just makes me feel old. I was at my childhood school earlier this week and it's just NOT the same. *sigh* :o)

Faith said...

Yep, I agree...the parents are so handy to have around.

Jules, I didn't know your dad used to have a motorcycle...interesting.

i laughed about the minivan mom not fresh out of college anymore part...I'm actually thinking of going back to school AS a minivan OH WELL!

Rob said...

Well you're just gonna have to pay another visit to Boone to see me. :)

Mrs. Wendy Pacheco said...

Three more months...are you excited!!! I do agree with first time haircuts that kids seem to look so old! Aydan did great with his. Didn't move or anything...