Monday, January 19, 2009

Lil Helper

What an adorable little helper Bo-Diddly is:) He loves the Dustbuster--although he should because he is the #1 reason why it is constantly in my hand. Or maybe he's like his mommy and just loves the Dustbuster in general. Definitely my favorite gadget. He did manage to get some dustbunnies for me from under the bookshelf. I'm training him early! Hmmmm or so I thought... Last night I was putting away laundry and didn't realize Tyrone left the bathroom door open---but Bo-Diddly did! He decided to start his teenage pranks early and TP'd the inside of the house...he tried to escape...but alas, mommy followed the trail! (some of the pics are pretty blurry b/c I was laughing so hard, but you get the idea....

He even stopped to show off in front of brother in the recliner...And finally runs to hide behind the side table:)

Boys! Gotta love 'em:)


Jules said...

Hahaha! Bo-Diddly and the toilet paper! However, he reminds me of a certain Pa Dough who loves that gadget too. (Me too!) Bo-Diddly's Uncle Clay, however, prefers the old fashioned broom and dustpan.

Jules said...

I mean...Pa Doug NOT dough. :o)