Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Labor Day Kick Back

I realize I'm a few weeks behind schedule on this...but we took off to Blowing Rock over Labor Day weekend with the boys and had a super fun day at the park and strolling the streets. It could possibly be the first time I have ever visited without hitting up Kilwin's for some ice cream! But I was satisfied with a few minutes of rest on a blanket:) Tyrone was satisfied with a trip to the candy barrel at Mast General...rock candy anyone? Tyrone spotted this awesome climbing tree & we had to take a picture. I mean, seriously, how fun does this look??
My little man in his track suit on the parkway on a chilly morning.
Tyrone climbed the "rock wall" several times...he's very proud of that fact because he couldn't make it over without help the last time he was there.
BoDiddly loved the swings... but loved watching big brother Tyrone more. He watched him and giggled like no tomorrow the entire time he was swinging. So cute I could pinch his fat legs!
BoDiddly loved sitting to watch all the people. And true to himself, he made fast friends with every "old" person that passed us by! Fun family times guys!! Loved it.

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